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We Get Asian & Indigenous Founders Funding

Get Scored by our Startup Maturity Evaluation. 

Get Greenlit for angel funding.

Get STARTED accelerating your revenue growth!


Qualified applicants get OUR EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS:


  • 1 MONTH FREE Technical Consulting (Virtual)

  • FREE Networking Dinner at NYC DUMBO House

  • $150K Investor Pitch at ERA (In NYC)

  • Social Media Promotion to our 30,000+ followers

  • National Spot on Mission Matters Podcast

Our Scoring Model

Seed Funding

(Level 1 to 2)

We focus on your initial funding needs

MVP Launch

(Level 3 to 4)

We focus on your product launch challenges

Growth Factor

(Level 5 to 7)

We focus on scaling up your operations

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