The GREENLIGHT Startup Maturity Evaluation

GREENLIGHT is the first company to offer startup firms an official evaluation of their maturity level in the startup lifecycle.


Our 4-Step Startup Maturity Evaluation provides the first industry standard for portfolio investors to assess risk profiles of startups.


It also allows startup founders to track their improvement to GET GREENLIT for future investment and growth.

The Greenlight Maturity Evaluation (GME) is an essential step for startups to target the necessary improvements to facilitate further success.

Once you have completed the 4-step evaluation you will be given your Startup Maturity Score (SMS).  The Startup Maturity Score is the final assessment of where your startup company is in its lifecycle.  The scoring system relies on a proprietary formula that considers multiple factors that have been verified and evaluated by Greenlight’s evaluation proctors.  The result is you receive your own Startup Phase Badge that is directly verifiable by Greenlight.


    The 4 Step Evaluation:

    Step 1. Enrollment
    Step 2. Questionnaire
    Step 3. Follow-up / required                  documents
    Step 4. 15-minute live

                virtual meeting



In the ever-changing landscape of the startup world, the Startup Maturity Score (SMS) will help guide you through the improvements needed to continue your success.  This evaluation can be retaken after (6) months from the date of the last completed evaluation to get a new score.  This will track your progress as your business grows and you can showcase your growth as you obtain your updated Startup Phase Badges.

By showcasing the phase you’re in, you can become more desirable to both potential customers and investors.  Your phase level may assist potential customers to engage with you with increased confidence.  It may also assist in attracting investors.  Higher scores mean higher resilience, making your startup lower risk for investors.  Alternatively, if your score decreases, we make it easier to identify the change, stop and reverse the decline.  Greenlight’s goal is to help all startups achieve greater success.

What percentage of startups become successful?  Only 1 in 10 survive in the long run.  90% of new startups fail, with 20% failing in their first year and another 34% in the second. In addition to the Startup Maturity Evaluation (SME), Greenlight offers tools to help any startup get on its way to greater success.  We pay special attention to minority and women-owned startups because Greenlight is both — we understand the greater challenges that face founders like us.


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