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Get Greenlit with us and overcome bias!

Get Scored by our Startup Maturity Evaluation. 

Get Greenlit for angel funding.

Get STARTED accelerating your revenue growth!


Qualified applicants get OUR EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS:


  • 1 MONTH FREE Technical Consulting (Virtual)

  • FREE Networking Dinner at NYC DUMBO House

  • $150K Investor Pitch at ERA (In NYC)

  • Social Media Promotion to our 30,000+ followers

  • National Spot on Mission Matters Podcast

Our Scoring Model

Seed Funding

(Level 1 to 2)

We focus on your initial funding needs

MVP Launch

(Level 3 to 4)

We focus on your product launch challenges

Growth Factor

(Level 5 to 7)

We focus on scaling up your operations

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