The GREENLIGHT Startup Maturity Evaluation


Startup Founders get:  

  • Higher annual recurring revenue and total contract value

  • Lower customer acquisition cost and monthly burn rates


Investors get:  

  • Higher ROI in shorter timeframes

  • Lower risk exposure in their deal flow 


    Step 1. Enrollment
    Step 2. Questionnaire
    Step 3. Follow-up documents
    Step 4. 15-minute live

                virtual meeting


The GREENLIGHT Startup Maturity Score (SMS) is an independent assessment of your startup company's lifecycle phase.  The scoring system relies on a proprietary formula that considers multiple factors that have been verified and evaluated by GREENLIGHT’s evaluation proctors. 


Investors can 'pre-qualify' your startup for pitch opportunities based on your score.




Because 90% of new startups, like yours, fail. About 20% fail in their first year and another 34% in the second. In addition to the SMS offers tools to help any startup get on its way to greater success.  By showcasing your startup maturity level, you can become more desirable to potential customers and investors.  A higher SMS shows your firm's economic resilience and lower risk for investors. Alternatively, if your SMS is low or trending down, we make it easier to identify the capability gap, stop the decline and reverse course.  


We pay special attention to minority and women-owned startups because we are both — we understand the greater challenges that face founders like us.

In this Post-COVID-19 economy, the Startup Maturity Score (SMS) will guide you on making continuous improvements to success.  This evaluation can be retaken every (6) months to monitor your maturity level with our GREENLIGHT Startup Maturity Badges.

GREENLIGHT's goal is to help ALL startups achieve success by getting evaluated, getting better, and getting funded.