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Join our community of startup founders. Our online platform of best practices and interactive simulations will improve your decision-making and problem-solving under pressure. Our approach will help you develop the SIX SUPERPOWERS OF SUCCESSFUL STARTUPS as published by our Founder in Forbes Media:

  1. Mastermind Planning

  2. Stress Resistance

  3. Market Clairvoyance

  4. Moral Leadership

  5. Super Ideation Speed

  6. Power Deployments

When you use our system, your investors will see your improved metrics such as:  

  • Higher annual recurring revenue,

  • Higher total contract value,

  • Increased customer retention rates,

  • More monthly active users,

  • Lower gross-churn,

  • Lower month-to-month volatility,

  • Lower customer acquisition cost, and

  • Lower monthly burn rates


These improvements result in more funding and sustainable growth for your startup.


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