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Crucible Scenario Training

with Smart Start™ Score

"With Crucible, we're using AI to match competency areas with suggested skill improvement exercises and rigorous training scenarios to test those improved skills." - COO & former US Marine


3 Steps to Succeed

Step 1 - ASSESS your competency
Step 2 - IMPROVE your capability
Step 3 - SIMULATE your success

Crucible Scenario Training

Our scenario-based training simulates the most demanding situations BEFORE they happen. This creates dramatic improvements in management collaboration, problem solving, tactical adaptability, work agility, and speed of task completion.  Stronger competencies in these areas correlate to improved company metrics such as annual recurring revenue, total contract value, gross margins, and month-on-month growth.

About Us

  • We are former executives from Fortune 500 and startup firms who formed GREENLIGHT to be a "fitness club" for exercising management skills for success. 

  • Just like athletes strengthen their core muscles to perform at the highest level, leaders must target and continually improve their core competencies.